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VOYA Products
Cast Away
VOYA Cast Away
Cleansing Facial wash 125ml
89% certified organic
Our Gentle Facial wash will remove light make-up, eliminate impurities and enhance your skin's natural balance.
Seaweed Soap
VOYA Invigorating Seaweed Soap
Spearmint and Rosemary seaweed bar 150gr
VOYA's spearmint and rosemary seaweed bar leaves your skin feeling clearer, smoother and softer. Use it for a few days and feel the difference!
Handy to Have
Voya Handy To Have
Reparative hand cream 75ml
92% Certified organic ingredients
A hand lotion with a special blend of powerful antioxidants and organic seaweed extracts to help make your hands look young again. Infused with soothing lavender, calming rosemary and lemon essence to reduce the appearance of age spots
Voya Poroducts
VOYA Sensitive Essentials Gift Set
The Perfect Gift for Sensitive Skin contains Me Time 50ml
Cleanse and mend 50ml and Ritzy Spritzy 15ml
Dry Essentials
VOYA Dry Essentials Gift Set
For Dry Skin types this hydrating gift set contains Voya Pearlesque 50ml cleanse and mend 50ml and Ritzy Spritzy 15ml
Voya Muscle
VOYA Muscle Essentials Gift Box
Perfect Gift Set for the Sporty Type.
Contains 100ml Serenergise Muscle Recovery Body Oil & 100ml Feel The Heat Muscle Warming Arnica Gel.
Voya Porefection
Voya Porefection
Clarifying Gel Toner
90.92% certified organic.

Part of VOYA's facial range for oily and combination skin types, this antibacterial gel toner will help reduce excess sebum, minimise pores and balance the pH of the skin; leaving the skin looking cool, calm and refreshingly
Voya Even Pure
Voya Even Pure
Light Calming Moisturiser 50ml
95% certified organic ingredients Part of VOYA's facial range for oily and combination skin types, our beautifully light, day moisturiser for oily skin will decrease pore size and reduce sebum production, replenishing with essential vitamins, minerals and hydration, leaving your skin perfectly balanced.
Voya Dusk to Dawn
Voya Dusk to Dawn
Revitalising Night Crème 50ml
80% certified organic ingredients. Part of VOYA's facial range for oily and combination skin types, from dusk until dawn healing night cream will soothe and de-sensitize, repairing environmental damage done to the skin throughout the day. Pomegranate extract will stimulate the production of collagen I, helping improve the elasticity and tone of your skin.
Voya Get Glowing
Voya Get Glowing
Illuminating Clay Mask 50ml
Get Glowing is our illuminating marine face mask. It will help brighten and purify your skin, leaving you with an amazing complexion. Its blend of rosemary and mineral rich seaweed will deeply detoxify, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and radiant
Voya Luminosity
Voya Luminosity
Refining Radiance Exfoliator 50ml
Part of VOYA's facial range for oily and combination skin types, using pineapple and seaweed enzymes, this exfoliating mask will give the dullest skin a new lease of life. It will gently eliminate dead skin cells whilst helping to minimise visibility of pores, leaving the skin fresh, radiant and smooth.
Voya Balmelicious
Voya Balmelicious
Organic Lip Balm 15ml
Our certified organic lip balm is wonderfully luxurious and is a friend to the environment, it is a magical blend of sweet almond and coconut oil. It is rich in natural anti-oxidants due the soothing seaweed extract oil it contains. This vanilla infused balm gets to work right away protecting your lips, relieving dryness and helping to heal broken skin. Made from corn starch this product's packaging is organic and biodegradable.
Voya Bright Eyes
Voya Bright Eyes
Regenerating Eye Crème 15ml
Our super soft antioxidant rich firming eye créme has been designed to make that tiredness disappear. The exciting range of functional certified organic ingredients and seaweed extracts will help to fight the signs of ageing and give a youthful appearance to tired eyes.
Voya Palmarosa Balm
Voya Palmarosa Balm
Facial Serum 30ml
VOYA’s Palmarosa Balm is a luxurious blend of power packed seaweed and nourishing oils. Made with Sea Heather to reduce sensitivity and inflammation, it leaves your skin feeling soothed, comforted and calm. Our advanced formula will strengthen your skin giving long lasting protection from the environment
Voya Visage
Voya Visage
Awakening Eye Mask 15ml
VOYA’s Visage ultra-soothing eye mask is a beautiful tonic for even the most sensitive of eyes. The Sea Heather within will strengthen, protect and reduce inflammation, while the Green Tea desensitizes, cools and calms. ideal for tired eyes that need a lift.
Voya Radiance
Illuminating Exfoliating Gel 50ml
Our new super gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin will gently remove dead skin cells and give the skin a healthy radiant glow. Containing our sensitive ranges trio of super ingredients; Fucus Serratus, Sea Heather and Comfrey with the added benefits of: sea acids complex- works as an AHA to gently exfoliate the skin. White willow herb extract- a natural source of salicylic acid gently exfoliates whilst being anti inflammatory.
Voya Me Time
Voya Me Time
50 ml

Our facial moisturiser contains a range of pro-collagen organic ingredients and seaweed extracts. The antioxidant-rich moisturiser helps to reduce the signs of ageing and protect, condition and firm your skin. Our dermatologically-tested formula hydrates and soothes with its organic aloe vera and chamomile extracts.
Voya Ritzy Spritzy
Voya Ritzy Spritzy
Facial Spritz Toner 125ml
91% Certified Organic Ingredients
Our face spritz gently helps to tone, cool, soothe and hydrate your skin with a blend of organic botanical herbs and essential oils. This luxurious toner can be used all day, as a refresher on flights or to cool and soothe at the beach.
Voya Cleanse and Mend
Voya Cleanse & Mend
Facial Cleansing Milk 125ml

Our cleansing créme removes surface dirt and impurities. Its extra mild formula with organic lavender and chamomile gently cleans away make up and leaves the skin feeling soft, calm and moisturised.
Voya Love a Scrub
Voya Love a Scrub
Facial Scrub 125ml
Love a Scrub gently exfoliates, giving skin a fresh revitalised look. The super light blend of organic botanical herbs and seaweed extracts soothes and nourishes new skin and is a key step in your organic beauty regime. We use bamboo for non-agressive exfoliation, to gently remove the dead skin cells and let your skin breathe without causing damage.
Voya Hydraveil
Voya Hydra Veil
Hydrating Mask 50ml
79.82% certified organic ingredients
This mask is the ultimate boost for dry skin. Moisture locking, refreshing and repairing, this mask will leave your skin feeling soothed, hydrated, plumped and nourished. A drink of water for the skin!
Voya Dream Cream
Voya Dream Cream
Dream Creme - has been formulated by VOYA to give you the face of your dreams. Replenishing and rejuvenating your skin in the sleeping hours. Rich in almond oil and blended with our extract of algae which helps nourish the skin through the night, giving you a marvelous morning glow.
Voya Pearlesque
Hydrating Moisturiser 50ml
81% Certified Organic Ingredients
81.46% certified organic ingredients.
The ultimate ultra-nourishing facial moisturiser contains rose of jericho and algae extract which boosts the skin’s hydration levels, strengthens the skin and reduces sensitivity. A complete survival blanket for the skin, this moisturiser will illuminate your skin leaving you with a pearly glowing complexion.
Voya Totally Balmy
Voya Totally Balmy
Cleansing Facial Balm 100ml
Our luxurious organic seaweed cleansing balm is formulated to clear away make-up and remove the every-day impurities and pollutants that can build up and damage your skin. Made with unique algae extracts sourced from the Atlantic coast of Ireland, nourishing ylang ylang, bergamot, sweet almond rose oils and beeswax . VOYA's anti-aging balm is designed to deep-cleanse your skin and will leave your face feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
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